Proper Diet/Teeth


Proper Diet/Teeth Grinding—in order to protect your chinchilla and ensure them a healthy long life a proper diet is needed of food/water/hay/safe treats/and things to gnaw on.

  • Food—We recommend the Mazuri or Oxbow pellet food (both available from us).  Other foods may be safe for chinchillas but you should always check ingredients to ensure they are chinchilla safe.



          Just because there is a chinchilla in a picture does not make it               chinchilla safe

  • Hay—There are several good hay types that are safe for chinchillas.  We recommend Oxbow Timothy hay.  Other safe hay types are

    • Timothy Hay

    • Oat Hay

    • 2nd and 3rd cut

    • Alfalfa

         WE strongly discourage the use of KAYTEE brand hay’s as they            tend to add treats that are not chinchilla safe.

  • Pumice Stones—Pumice stones will ensure you chinchilla something safe to file down their teeth on.  There are several safe types, we use the pumice ledges and also the stones themselves.  We discourage the use of the large square pumice stones as they can break off into chunks that a chinchilla can inadvertently eat and can cause them a lot of problems


  • Alfalfa Cubes-- provide nutrition and the ability to grind teeth


  • Wood chews—should always be on had for chinchilla teeth and as a treat.  The following is a  list of chin safe woods…

    • Any wood from a fruit tree bearing seeds (apple, pear, grape, etc.)

    • Pine white NOT red pine (ONLY oven dried – not fresh pine)

    • Rosehip branches – from the rose family and safe

    • Hazelnut – All fruit trees from this family (apple, pear)

    • Arbutus

    • Hawthorn

    • Magnolia

    • Poplar

    • Willow

    • Aspen

    • Ash

    • Sycamore

    • Dogwood

    • Cottonwood

    • Crab Apple

    • Kiwi

    • Mulberry


  • Treats—The best treats for chinchillas are for them to eat their normal diet items.  However, we know it’s tempting to give them something more, so for their own health we recommend the following treats…

    • 2 plain cheerios

    • ½ a plain shredded wheat

    • Sticks and gnawing items

    • A rose hip

There are other safe treats but keep in mind to never give anything with any kind of sugar or seed.  Chinchilla digestive systems are not set up to be able to handle those kinds of things.

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