Your pet will spend a good portion of their day in their home.  In order to provide a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for them to live in you must be able to meet the following requirements.  All of the items we have in our online store or in person for purchase. If you have any confusion what we are referring to please don’t hesitate to look at the online store.
  • Multi-level cage—we recommend cages from the quality cage company.  We do require you use leaping ledges instead of the ramps for safety of chinchilla feet and to prevent injury.

  • Minimum 15” diameter metal wheel—no plastic and must attach securely to the side of the cage

  • Marble slab—we recommend the chin chiller marble pad or any granite or marble slab.

  • Pumice stones/ledges—these will help keep your chinnies teeth healthy as a way to grind them down and keep them in good condition

  • Water bottle— NO PLASTIC.  Kaytee and Super-Pet make a 12 oz bottle that is glass and metal which we make available in our store.   Remember to only use purified water (available at Walmart for about 79 cents per gallon or through reverse osmosis filters)

  • Food bowl—a free standing or metal/ceramic food bowl is the best solution—again never use plastic bowls as plastic is dangerous for chinchillas.  There are several combination ceramic hay/food bowl combinations that will serve your chinnies well. 

  • Hay holder—an all wood or metal (no wire grate or wire balls) is needed or another bowl is needed to hold hay.

  • Wooden Hidey Houses-- Wooden hidey houses are important for your pet.  It gives them something to chew on, somewhere they can feel safe and protected from any predator as well as a dark place during daylight hours. 

Proper Home Setup

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