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The Mission
This is a foster-based Chinchilla Rescue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We promote proper care, education, and re-home Chins seeking "forever" homes.
All questions answered ! If I do not know the answers, I will research and find the answers you are seeking !   You and I both understand, we want to know what is in the best interest of the Chins we do have, or perhaps new family members ?
 Chinchillas are Fantastic Pets ! I have known this for years... Keep in mind that Chins are primarily adult companion animals.      
 I became involved in fostering Chins from the "Arlington Exotic Animal Rescue" 8 years ago, where as over 26,000 plus total animals  were rescued from a very poor situation - I was fortunate to be a "Foster Mom" to two of the Chinchillas. They have since found a terrific home. 
Knowledge is key to success for these wonderful animals that can live 15 to 20+ years ! 
I would like to help/provide all info I have,(Diet/Cages/Exercise Wheels/Correct Dust/Chew Stuff/Water/Etc :). 
Latest News at the Rescue

05/2018-- Etsy store added for custom creations.  We will be transitioning all of our supplies into the etsy store to make this a one stop shop for all your chinchilla entertainment and cage needs.


11/2017-- Store is being updated.  Please check it out:) Remember that all proceeds go to supporting the rescue.

11/2017-- We are working feverishly to finish the new site but sometimes real life gets in the way.  Slowly but surely we will get there.  We are also updating our pet finder page Check there for all our wonderful chinchillas for adoption.

10/2017-- New website is live!  We have improved everything,  chin finding, purchase supplies, even the page itself

9/2017-- We are receiving several chinchillas from Houston please watch out for them on our adoptable chinchilla page.

9/2017-- The rescue needs your help!  Please donate to help support our chinchillas until they can find their forever home

Adopted Chinchillas

We are considering looking for a high school aged student to help us with some of the more day to day operations at the rescue.  These would include feeding, watering, handling and doing play time for the chinchillas that are here for now.  We would like a person with a love of animals who is willing to volunteer their time and learn more about these great animals.

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